Weekly Fireside Chat 'Drumbeat of Justice' with Foundation President Courtney B. Vance 6/1/20
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Weekly Fireside Chat ‘Drumbeat of Justice’ with Foundation President Courtney B. Vance 6/1/20

Please watch the tenth weekly Fireside Chat from our President Courtney B. Vance who both gives an update on our COVID-19 Relief Fund [], and offers candid thoughts regarding our current climate regarding the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests.

The Relief Fund: To date, we’ve distributed over $4.8 million in emergency aid to thousands of SAG-AFTRA artists with hundreds of applications still in review. Applications are taking approximately about a week to process, so we thank you for your patience.

Drumbeat of Justice: We stand with our fellow SAG-AFTRA broadcasters and media professionals on the front lines in cities around the country. Courtney offers words of reflection for George Floyd and a call to action for the road ahead.

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