AUDITION TAPE: Mark Hamill auditions for Star Wars
Casting Démo

AUDITION TAPE: Mark Hamill auditions for Star Wars

After seeing the recent images of a bearded Mark Hamill taking a break from shooting Star Wars Episode VII, this pre New Hope audition seems to have aged terribly. Reading alongside Harrison Ford, Hamill plays Luke a lot cooler than he appears in the first Star Wars film, without a trace of the earnestness displayed by the young moisture farmer from Tatooine.

LET IT CAST is the revolutionary International casting system used by productions to enable talent submissions through the actual audition for the role.

Used by legendary filmmakers like Darren Aronofsky, Paul Schrader, Werner Herzog or Larry Clark.

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The goal is to favor the artistic expression of an actor’s work over the traditional headshot/resume submission process.

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